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Date:  Jan 27, 2021
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Auctions will not work during the period from 10th to 17th of August because of traditional holidays in Japan. The last auction date is 9th of August. Our office will be closed from 11th till 16th included.
Auctions will be closed on 5th and 6th of May. Our office will work as usual.
JAM has been purchasing vehicles from Japanese car auctions on our customers demand and exporting them to all over the world for more than 5 years already. The main goal of our business is to provide a high quality services for the reasonable price to our customers. There days our company has long and successful relationship with customers from Russia, Chile, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Kenya and from many other countries.

Our Company has a long-standing reputation in the Japanese car exporting industry for the exceptional range of cars available in our online auction system. A multi-thousand vehicle selection is available for our customers every day, giving them the great opportunity to find the vehicles that are suit for them at bargain prices. No language barriers will be encountered in dealing with us. Our Managers will always be glad to communicate with you in English, Japanese, Russian, Spanish & Bengali languages. Just register at our website to gain free online access to Japanese car auctions.


That's quite simple:,

  • First of all you should grant an advance of $1000 to your deposit within JAM. This advance is only a mean business guarantee. It will be returned to you on the first demand in case you decide to refuse the car purchase with JAM.
  • Search for the vehicle you'd like to purchase with our online auction system.
  • Choose the maximal price you agree to pay for it and confirm your decision to take a part in auction.
  • Invoice will be send to you in case you have win the auction. The invoice will include both vehicle price and delivery expenses.
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    Here are some advantages of using our services:

  • It is quite easy to find and purchase required vehicle using our auction system
  • We have fixed commission fee. It doesn't depend on vehicle price
  • We send you the vehicle photos made at our yard in Japan
  • We use only reliable Japan transport companies
  • All vehicles are delivered with special ferries and automobile transporters
  • We are responsible for the vehicle condition according to auction sheet until it delivered to you
  • We send a full bunch of purchase documents to you with express mail service
  • We are always trying to offer best service for you
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